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A Visit to the Burrell Collection. Who was Sir William Burrell? (Ann)

Visiting the Scottish Maritime Museum in Dumbarton (Frances)

George Williamson, "a brave lawman." The rescue of a victim of the dreaded press gang. David Carnduff tells the story.

The Drowning of the Harvesters. Guest writer David Carnduff describes a maritime tragedy on the Clyde.

The Suitcase  A look at the contents of a suitcase: a set of articles, photographs and books, charting the history, from 1909, of the First Port Glasgow Scout Troop based at the Princes St Church. (John S)

The story of Fort Matilda (Joe)

Alex Hardie - a tribute

A "champion" minister: Rev. WW Beveridge and his connection with the Scout movement. (John S)

Memories of West Stewart Street and Princes Pier. (Grace)

My cousin, Abraham Lincoln. (Joe)

The following two articles can be read on their own or as added background to two videos about the Municipal Buildings in the Video section:

The story of Greenock's Municipal Buildings. Part 1: What was there before? (John S)

Greenock's Municipal Buildings. Part 2: People's lives. (John S)

Greenock's Municipal Buildings. Part 3: Progess of the project. (John S)

Greenock's Municipal Buildings. Part 4: The exterior decorations. (John S)

The Sinking of the Arandora Star. A wartime tragedy, seared into the memory of the local Italian community. (Frances)

The Bookie's Runner. Joe's account of an intriguing facet of old Greenock life.

A Visit to the Dunny under Greenock Town Hall.   This "dunny"(cellar) has objects that the McLean Museum cannot show because of lack of space. This article can be read on its own or used as added background to a video in the Video section. (John S)

National Semiconductors comes to Greenock (1971)  An American incomer, and its effect on Greenock. (John S)

Port Glasgow's Landed Gentry and Gentlemen Farmers  This describes five estates on the east side of Port Glasgow. (John S)

Port Glasgow's Ancient Graveyards, and the cruel fate of one of them. The history of Port Glasgow's three disused cemeteries. (John S)

Success, Intrigue and Disaster, in a lost local sport! The history of Port Glasgow's second Model Yacht Club. (John S)

A Silver Medal reveals a lost Port Glasgow Model Yacht Club!  The history of Port Glasgow's first Model Yacht Club. (John S)

Greenock and Port Glasgow: two ports in self-created storms!  How Port Glasgow and Greenock fought in the eighteenth century. (John S)

William Street, Greenock, and five outstanding characters in the town's history.  A mid-nineteenth century look at a vibrant Greenock street and its occupants. (John S)

The launch of the Diamond. John attended the launch of a destroyer at Fairfield's Yard, Govan, in 2007.

A wartime correspondence. The story, spanning two generations, of survivors of the French destroyer Maillé Brézé. (Frances)

Inverclyde baths and swimming pools. Have you heard of the floating swimming bath at the Battery? (Frances & Grace)

The Gaels of Greenock. Charting the story of Highland immigrants. (Frances)




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